Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has a host of benefits that range from relaxation to clinical sports massage. These benefits have been well utilized and publicized by everyone from national sports figures to hospitals for premature infants to the general public for stress management. The health benefits of massage have been well documented and are still being researched for scientific scrutiny. At the same time it doesn’t take someone in a lab coat to prove the need for appropriate massage. Humans are made to be touched. In fact if you deny infants (and probably everyone) touch they will not survive.

Massage Therapy has finally made its way into acceptance because it works. It had fallen out of favor in America because of our puritanical background and the advent of modern medicine. In all other cultures around the world massage has always linked with the healing arts professions. Because of our stigma about touch, for some people simple touch in itself can be therapeutic.

The Many Benefits of Massage

Massage affects the mind/body in many ways. It increases circulation helping drain toxins and supplying the tissues with nutrients and oxygen. It improves the range of motion of the joints. It sooths the nervous system, restoring slower, deeper breathing. It boosts the immune system, having a positive influence on overall health. It helps untangle knotty muscle fibers, which produces more efficient contraction and stretching. It helps hydrate the tissues and can assist in making scar tissue flexibility. It helps produce the sense of well being and inner peace. And the list goes on. No wonder massage has become to popular, as I said, it works.

Massage and Pain

It is important if you are in pain (whether chronic or acute) that your massage therapist listen to your requests and honors your preference for pressure. I say this because there are times when a therapist (who are human) has the notion that they are going to “fix” you or solve your problem no matter what. As a result of this, many clients have been left bruised or aching for days after the session. So, as usual with everything this website promotes, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!

Choosing the Right Type of Massage

There are probably hundreds of massage modalities, that is, types of massage. Here I will review a few of the more common ones to give you some idea of what might be appropriate for your situation. Be aware that a type of massage may also vary from one therapist to another. Training around the country is not consistent at this stage of the massage profession. However, there is a lot of works being done to accomplish more regular standards. In the mean time, look around until you find someone who meets your needs. You will know when they do because you will feel better.





Myofascial Release

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