Self Care

Techniques to take care of yourself is essential in gaining autonomy over your situation. Self care includes things you can do for yourself basically anytime, anywhere that helps improve your health and reduces your pain. These could include things as simple as deep breathing to specific stretches or movements. Whatever you use, be sensible about how vigorous and long you do it. If a little is good, it does not mean a lot is better.

The following is a partial list of things you may find helpful. Try one or two of them at first and if possible when you’re not in the worst of pain. Get familiar with the instructions before you launch head long into them. Many of the techniques will require practice before you get any real results. Others should provide immediate results to some degree or another.

If you have any questions about any of the ideas feel free to contact me or get with a professional in your area. Remember, with most of these, consistency in the name of the game. So carve out a time that you can devote daily to your self. The payoff will be well worth the time invested.


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Self Hypnosis




Self Massage


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